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Byan Pir Naseeruddin Naseer presensts byans of Pir Naseeruddin Naseer Golra Sharif >> Byan
Prophet Muhammad Said:

" Inna minal bayan e la seh'ran wa inna minal she'r e la hikm'a"

"Some statements enchant and some verses have wisdom"

Pir Naseer ud din Naseer Golra Sharif

Pir Sahib rendered very high blend of services in his field in keeping that peer sahib was groomed up / trained under the special guidance / care of his beloved grand father Hazrat Qibla Babu Jee (R.A) to follow his footprints and really Peer Sahib proved eminently through his missionary zeal / efforts. Pir Sahib was / is replica and mirror of Hazrat Qibla Babu Jee and Hazrat Qibla Alam Hazrat Pir Mehr Ali Shah (R.A). People inspired by his piety and saintly character and kiss his hands in mark of love/affection. Pir Sahib always pleaded for the blessing of Almighty Allah and the Holly Prophet (PBUH).Inspite of a pious stature Peer sahib has had frequently expressed his high state of humilily.

Pir Syed Naseer ud din Naseer Sajjada Nasheen Astana e Alia Golra Sharif the poet of seven languages wrote many books of poetry.We present some of his work from various books of Pir Sahib Golra Sharif.




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